Proud Boys Leader Admits Point of Protests is to Waste Public Money

Proud Boys Leader Admits Point of Protests is to Waste Public Money August 26, 2019

The leader of the Proud Boys has made a fascinating admission, that the point of their recent protests are designed to make the cities waste money on police costs to protect the protesters and counter-protesters. In fact, they’re trying to bankrupt them by costing them millions in such costs for every protest.

Credit to Old White Truck:

The Proud Boys for years have helped organize street fights in Portland, Oregon ― gatherings thinly veiled as political freedom rallies in order to secure permits or police escorts from the city.

This week, that veil was lifted, as the group’s leader admitted the ugly and obvious truth: The events are staged with the intention of spurring fights, wasting city resources and winning a game of optics against their anti-fascist nemeses.

“We’ve wasted all their fucking resources to make this rally,” Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio said in video captured during the latest extremist rally held Saturday in Portland. “We want them to waste $2 million and we’ll do it again in two months.”

Tarrio and fellow Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs flew to Portland from Florida to host the rally, and fears among city officials about the potential chaos caused them to warn local businesses to close for the day. Meanwhile, a multi-jurisdictional police force of 700 was deployed, according to The Oregonian.

The closures cost local restaurants and other businesses an estimated $3 million in revenue, and taxpayers will likely be on the hook for millions more due to the police response, the paper reported.

So maybe they shouldn’t spend that money anymore and leave them at the mercy of the counter-protesters, who hugely outnumber them every time. If the reason they’re doing it is to force them to spend money, maybe they should stop spending it.

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