Straight Pride Parade Draws Literally a Dozen People

Straight Pride Parade Draws Literally a Dozen People August 29, 2019

I love stories like this, when they hold a right-wing rally and the number of people show show up is dwarfed by the number of people protesting their nonsense. That long-planned “straight pride” parade held in Modesto, California drew a whopping 12 people and around 200 protesters.

A ‘Straight Pride’ event in California designed to celebrate the “inherent superiority” of white, heterosexual Christians was attended by around a dozen people.

That contrasted with a counter-protest by local activists, which was attended by around 200 people, according to FOX 40.

Organized by the National Straight Pride Coalition, ‘Straight Pride’ took place on Aug. 24 in front of a Planned Parenthood, after the city earlier this month denied a permit to use a nearby park…

Don Grundmann, one of the organizers of ‘Straight Pride,’ complained to local media that the counter-protesters were trying to take away his right to free speech.

“This is an example of free speech in our country. It’s a one-way street. They want free speech but they don’t want to give us free speech,” Grundmann told CBS 13 Sacramento.

No, you dolt, they’re just using their own free speech rights to counter yours. The fact that you think their free speech takes away theirs shows that you’re the one who is opposed to free speech, not them. And they were right to protest. Straight pride events are not about being proud of being straight, they’re just about being anti-gay. Gay pride exists to counter the centuries of negative messages that condemn LGBT people to a life of shame and “sin.” No such reality has ever existed for being straight.

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