McDonald: Christians Who Don’t Support Trump are Betraying God

McDonald: Christians Who Don’t Support Trump are Betraying God August 31, 2019

Right-wing conspiracy crackpot Chris McDonald told his audience that Christians who don’t support Trump are “betraying God,” who has anointed Trump to save the country despite his being an “imperfect man.” And he says the falling number of church attendees can be blamed on that.

“Keep your mouth shut and stop acting like the enemy,” he said. “Stop giving the enemy ammunition and letting him use you as a mouthpiece to destroy the country, because it is not very becoming. You want to know why people are fleeing your churches, preacher? You want to know why people are fleeing your mausoleums and fleeing your institutions and fleeing this and that and the other? It’s because of stuff just like this.”

“We recognize what God has done in Donald Trump and we recognize that he’s anointed an imperfect man,” McDonald continued, “but we understand he’s anointed an imperfect man for a perfect time in history, for such a time as this, and we are never going to betray him because in betraying him, we’re going to betray the call that God has put on him.”

“It would be better for you religious types to get in the trench with us and start fighting for your country instead of fighting against it and being a bunch of scumbags and tearing the country down with your religious malarkey,” he added. “All the religious malarkey in the world is not going to save America, folks. The only person who is going to save this country is the God of Heaven and he is trying to do it. He’s trying to help us and he’s got a man in office that is trying to help it and save it and it would be wise to get behind him.”

As usual, pure nonsense from McDonald. You certainly can’t blame falling church attendance on lack of support for Trump because that trend has been going on for two decades now. Since 1999, long before Trump even contemplated running for president, attendance has fallen from 69% to 48%. But there I go again, using logic and facts to dispute a pile of idiocy. It certainly isn’t possible to reason with people like McDonald because they are allergic to reason.

And the fact that so many Christians have decided that Trump’s obviously pretend belief in Christianity is real cracks me up. He couldn’t possibly be more fake about it, but these people will believe anything. They want it to be true and therefore it is.

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