Bernstein Wants Kavanaugh Accuser Arrested Based on Absolutely Nothing

Bernstein Wants Kavanaugh Accuser Arrested Based on Absolutely Nothing September 11, 2019

Right-wing crackpot Josh Bernstein is working overtime to prove he’s the most extreme and unhinged voice in the wingnutosphere. He continually demands the arrest and murder of those he doesn’t like. His latest attack is on Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Brett Kavanaugh of rape. Bernstein offers a totally evidence-free claim that she raped him and demanded that she be arrested based on that fantasy alone.

“Here is what probably happened,” Bernstein said. “Brett Kavanaugh and her knew each other when they were younger. She liked Brett Kavanaugh, she had a crush on him, whatever. He said, ‘Not a chance, pimple face. Not gonna happen.’ And she didn’t like that.”

“He went to the highest court in the land and she wanted revenge,” Bernstein added. “She’s the one that was the floozy. She’s the one that went to that all-girls school that literally were man-crazy little soon-to-be-whores. You can see the yearbook, all the pictures, all the parties, all of the disgusting things that they were doing and saying and dressing like, so they were the aggressors. It was those horny girls at that girl’s school that were the aggressors against the males and, in particular, Brett Kavanaugh.”

Bernstein declared that Blasey Ford “should be indicted and arrested for perjury and lying to Congress.”

He has repeatedly proven that he thinks our criminal justice system should base prosecutions on nothing more than his own idle speculation and personal insults, no evidence needed whatsoever. The only surprise here is that he doesn’t say she should be arrested for treason. The man is utterly deranged.

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