Q Anon Crackpots Relate the Conspiracy Directly to Christianity

Q Anon Crackpots Relate the Conspiracy Directly to Christianity September 14, 2019

At the Q Anon rally at the Washington Monument a few days ago, many of the crackpot supporters of what may be the dumbest conspiracy theory ever related the whole thing directly to Christianity. The whole cockamamie notion, one claimed, is “about blood and it’s about blood from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

People arrive at the QAnon phenomenon from a plethora of entry points. Some supporters, like Craig James from Colorado, who operates a pro-Q podcast called “JustInformed Talk,” say they approach the conspiracy theory from a worldview that is devoutly religious. Apart from promoting QAnon theories, James also uses his platform to preach Christianity. In an interview after Wednesday’s rally, he told Right Wing Watch that he believes there is a fundamental parallel between the Q phenomenon and scripture. James said the Christian religion “does coincide with Q and what we’re doing here because it is a good-versus-evil thing.”

During the rally, Lisa Welch and her husband John expressed a similarly evangelical interpretation of the QAnon phenomenon. Welch told attendees that Q had “restored our faith in humanity and I kind of imagine this is what Heaven feels like.”

Former Trump photographer Gene Ho stressed to attendees that he believed that the Q movement “is all about blood”—both the blood that some Q believers say elite Democratic pedophiles drink for its adrenochrome and the blood of Jesus Christ.

“This whole thing of what we’re doing is all about blood. Q says constantly, ‘Check the bloodlines.’ We know they’ve been misusing blood with their adrenochrome and all of this stuff. But ultimately, what this is about, it’s about blood and it’s about blood from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” Ho said.

I’ll take drawing bizarre parallels for $1000, Alex. The one connection to me is, I’m sure, not what they intend by it. The claim that the “elite” drink human blood sounds remarkably like Jesus saying “this is my blood, shed for thee; drink it in remembrance of me.” So maybe these evil elites are the ones who are truly following the example of Jesus, not these wingnuts.

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