Trump Rolls Back Clean Water Rules to 1986

Trump Rolls Back Clean Water Rules to 1986 September 14, 2019

Donald Trump’s crusade against any and all protections for our environment continues at a breakneck pace. He has now finalized a rollback of clean water regulations that protect wetlands and other bodies of water that ultimately feed into our lakes and rivers (it’s called the hydrological cycle, you idiot).

On Thursday, the Trump administration plans to scrap the Obama-era definition of what qualifies as “waters of the United States” under the Clean Water Act, returning the country to standards put in place in 1986.

“What we have today is a patchwork across the country,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in an interview. “We need to have a uniform regulatory approach.”

Wheeler, who said the administration will finalize a new definition for which water bodies deserve federal protection within a matter of months, said the agency is seeking to end any lingering uncertainty and return more oversight to individual states.

“We want to make sure that we have a definition that once and for all will be the law of the land in all 50 states,” Wheeler said.

That’s simply a lie. The Clean Water Act is a federal law and the rule they’re scrapping applies the same way in every state in the country. Doing it state by state? That’s how you end up with a patchwork of different regulations. Do they really think people are dumb enough not to realize that? I mean, other than Trump’s supporters, that is? Under the Clean Water Act, it’s illegal to pollute the “waters of the United States.” Why? Because water does not stay in one state, it flows all over the place. And polluting wetlands is no different than polluting a river, lake or stream. This is patently obvious, of course, but Trump and his administrators and followers are being willfully ignorant in order to protect corporate profits.

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