Texas Republican Wants the City of Austin Eliminated

Texas Republican Wants the City of Austin Eliminated September 16, 2019

I’ve long said that state legislatures is where you really find the wingnuts and Texas sets the template for that. After the city of Austin found a way to get around a state anti-abortion law, one state legislature wants the entire city abolished and turned into a capital district under the direct control of the state.

A Republican Texas state lawmaker called for abolishing the city of Austin over a dispute between the city and the state on abortion funding.

Texas state Rep. Briscoe Cain, an anti-LGBTQ Republican who once got kicked out of the state’s Democratic convention for illegally bringing a gun to troll liberals, is so angry that Austin went around a state ban on abortion funding that he wants to bring the city under state control.

Cain wrote on Twitter that it was “past time” that the Texas legislature “abolish the City of Austin and make it a capital district like that of D.C.”

Cain wrote that residents would still be able to retain their state legislature districts while the state legislature would get “supreme authority” over Austin’s mayor and council.

This was in reaction to the city of Austin passing an ordinance that finds a clever way around a state law that forbids cities from funding abortions. Since they can’t fund the abortions themselves, Austin’s ordinance pays for all the ancillary costs, like travel and lodging, to make it easier for women to get abortions despite the state law. That has infuriated Texas Republicans, but this is a draconian solution that would almost certainly get struck down in court.

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