Tucker Carlson Declares John Bolton to be a Liberal

Tucker Carlson Declares John Bolton to be a Liberal September 16, 2019

John Bolton is about as far right as you can get serving major positions in government, but after his firing/resignation as Trump’s National Security Adviser Tucker Carlson declares him to be a “man of the left.” This highlights a major split among conservatives, particularly over foreign policy.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson opened his primetime show Tuesday night by celebrating the ouster of National Security Adviser John Bolton, claiming that the hawkish neo-conservative was actually a “man of the left” and a progressive…

“Rather than justify or even explain his own record, Bolton brags that he spent a lot of time on the job,” Carlson declared. “If you are wondering why so many progressives are mourning Bolton’s firing tonight, Bolton himself fundamentally was a man of the left.”

“There was not a human problem John Bolton wasn’t totally convinced could be solved with the elite force of government,” he continued. “That’s an assumption of the left. Not the right. Don’t let the mustache fool you. John Bolton was one of the most progressive people in the Trump administration.”

There has long been a deep divide on the right between neo-conservatives, who generally favor an actively interventionist foreign policy, and paleo-conservatives, who generally advocate a more isolationist approach. Neo-conservatives would include people like Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Elliot Abrams; paleo-conservatives include people like Carlson and Pat Buchanan. But this is the first time I’ve heard a paleo-conservative actually declare that neo-conservatives are progressives. By his reasoning, Ronald Reagan, Jeanne Kirkpatrick and pretty much every other prominent conservative for the last 40 years were actually liberals. To call this an unserious argument is an understatement.

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