Bakker: Global Warming is Plot to Hide the End Times

Bakker: Global Warming is Plot to Hide the End Times September 17, 2019

Conspiracy crackpot, prepper and Christian con man Jim Bakker says he’s studied global warming and instead of what Trump thinks, that it’s all a Chinese hoax to destroy the American economy, he thinks it’s all a nefarious plot to hide the reality of the end times, which are, as always, right around the corner.

“God’s judgment is coming, just as his word said it would come in the Last Days,” Bakker said. “Why is man so livid about global warming? Why? Why do you think people in America—do you know what? They want to have people arrested that don’t believe that global warming is what they are saying it is. Do you understand me. Wake up everybody.”

“I’ve studied global warming, and we’ve had periods of warming before,” he added. “God is going to send judgment, he already has, he’s already begun … Global warming is the world’s excuse that God wasn’t in the storm. I’m going to prove to you God’s in the storm, God’s in the rain, God’s in the wind, it’s God’s storm, it’s God’s wind, it’s God’s lightening.”

One is left to wonder who this “they” are that want to arrest those who don’t believe in global warming. I’ve never heard a single person advocate that, ever. Perhaps they are merely the voices in Bakker’s head. Or maybe he’s just making it up. I mean, that would be so out of character for him, amirite? And I can’t wait for him to “prove” this all to me, or to anyone else. Clock is ticking, Jim.

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