Prager Declares His ‘University’ to Be Real

Prager Declares His ‘University’ to Be Real September 17, 2019

Prager “University” is little more than a media outlet that distributes videos featuring right-wing talking points, but pseudo-intellectual Dennis Prager insists that it’s a real university — just without the professors, the classes, the grades, the accreditation and the degrees. Other than that, though, totally legit.

“Now if ‘university’ means by definition you grant degrees and you are accredited by whoever accredits universities to be a degree-granting place, then we’re not a university,” Prager said.

That is exactly what the word university means.

“But is that the only definition? My contention is that it is a university, but it doesn’t grant degrees and it’s not accredited, and that’s absolutely accurate. We don’t portray ourselves as what we’re not. But if a university is a place to learn and learn and learn, and study and study and study, and gain wisdom, then why aren’t we a university?” Prager rhetorically asked.

By that definition, an intelligent conversation with someone is a “university.” This is Humpty Dumpty time — words mean exactly what he wants them to mean, neither more nor less. The fact that he makes such a ludicrous argument, in and of itself, shows what a farce this “university” is. He needs a course in logic 101 — from a real university.

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