DOJ Arrests White Supremacist for Threatening Democratic Candidate

DOJ Arrests White Supremacist for Threatening Democratic Candidate September 20, 2019

Daniel McMahon, aka Jack Corbin, aka Pale Horse, aka Dakota Stone, has been arrested by the Department of Justice for threatening Don Gathers, a black candidate for the Charlottesville, Virginia City Council. The indictment does not include the specific threats he sent, but this is something McMahon has become known for in the far-right community.

Federal officials announced today that authorities arrested a Florida man whose identity Right Wing Watch confirmed last year as a person who repeatedly threatened reporters and activists with violence using the social media website Gab, which serves as a clearinghouse for radical far-right content.

The Department of Justice announced in a press release dated September 18 that authorities arrested 31-year-old Daniel McMahon on federal charges. According to the DOJ press release, a sealed indictment was returned from a grand jury in the Western District of Virginia on September 11 with four criminal charges: “Willful interference with a candidate for elective office, bias-motivated interference with a candidate for elective office, threats to injure in interstate commerce, and cyberstalking.”

Here’s the indictment itself:

McMahon praised the man who slaughtered so many people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, a man he was routinely in contact with on the right-wing talk app Gab, saying, “God bless that man.” He has said undocumented immigrants should be killed “like the cockroaches they are.” It’s hardly a surprise that he would threaten a black man, especially one running for office in Charlottesville. I look forward to getting more detail on the actual threats he sent as the case proceeds.

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