Trump’s Latest Incoherent Rant

Trump’s Latest Incoherent Rant September 21, 2019

During a public photo op with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Trump unleashed another bizarre, rambling, incoherent answer to a reporter’s question that just leaves you scratching your head. He was asked about the importance of Australia’s mining industry and fumbled around trying to find a point.

“Coal, as an example, you’re the leader of safety in coal digging and we’ve actually studied it,” the president said. “We’re doing a lot of coal. You have very little — you have almost no — used to have a thing, black lung disease, and in Australia you almost don’t have it anymore, you’ve got all of the dust down.”

After Morrison touted technological progress that has helped the environment, the president again jumped in with a non-sequitur about digging.

“Environmentally, I have to say — and environmentally, the things they’ve done environmentally with digging. Digging is a, uh, you know, when you talk minerals it’s about digging. What you’ve been able to do with the environment having to do with taking minerals out of the ground, including and I would say even especially because you’re leading on coal… your record is so good in terms of illnesses from digging.”

I can only imagine what Morrison must have been thinking through all of that. “Just keep smiling. Smile and nod as if this guy was not a blithering idiot.” And the most ridiculous part of it all is that I guarantee you that Trump walked away thinking he made total sense and everything he said was 100% valid. That’s what narcissism does to a person, takes away all ability to be self-aware and thoughtful. The man makes George W. Bush seem like Mortimer Adler. Can you dig it?

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