Taylor: Red Cross Needs Blood to Drink It for Baal

Taylor: Red Cross Needs Blood to Drink It for Baal September 22, 2019

Military-grade right wing conspiracy crackpot Mark Taylor, the “firefighter prophet” fraud, is back with a brand new bizzaro world claim that human traffickers are kidnapping people off the streets so they can drink their blood in a ritual to Baal. And the Red Cross is involved in it too.

Taylor said that “Baal is a very violent entity and it feeds off the blood of the innocent” and that “Baal’s food source is running dry” due to increased restrictions on access to abortion across the country, which is leading satanic forces—possibly including even the Red Cross—to kidnap people off the streets.

“We all know the Red Cross is corrupt,” he said. “They’re into all of this.”

“What the Lord has been showing me is that their food source is drying up and they are literally grabbing people … in broad daylight,” Taylor added. “Why? Because their food source is drying up.”…

Taylor then claimed that God told him that blood banks in America will soon collectively launch a massive blood drive for seemingly no reason “because they need the blood because their sources are running out, so they can use that human blood for sacrifices, they can use it for drinking it, or whatever it is they do.”

Okay, he caught me. Those weekly blood transfusions I’ve been getting? They aren’t for anemia brought on by chronic intestinal bleeding, I’m actually drinking it as a sacrifice to Baal. I used to get the blood from abortion clinics, but they keep shutting down the clinics so I had to take this liver disease to get access to my “food source.” Guilty as charged.

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