Owens: White Supremacy Is Not a Problem

Owens: White Supremacy Is Not a Problem September 24, 2019

Candace Owens, the Auntie Tom of the pro-Trump right, testified before Congress last week and said that white supremacy is “not a problem that is harming black America.” Wouldn’t you love to hear her say that to the faces of the victims of Dylan Root’s massacre at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina?

Photo by Evan Nesterak: https://www.flickr.com/photos/153804281@N02/36543229556

“If we’re going to have a hearing on white supremacy, we are assuming that the biggest victims of that are minority Americans,” Owens stated. “And presumably this hearing would be to stop that and preserve the lives of minority Americans. Which based on the hierarchy of what’s impacting minority Americans, if I had to make a list of 100 things, white nationalism would not make the list.”

Owens, meanwhile, went on to tally off a number of culture war issues that she felt were much more urgent for African-Americans, such as black-on-black crime, abortion, and the left’s so-called war against men and masculinity…

“I also found it quite hilarious that when asked for actual numbers, nobody here could actually provide them because it’s not actually a problem in America or a major problem that’s facing black America,” she declared.

Okay, you want actual numbers? In 2018, every single domestic terrorism incident in the country was carried out by right-wing extremists, with the vast majority of those being white supremacists. It isn’t just black people who are targeted, it’s also Jews and Latinos and Muslims and anyone else they perceive as non-white. Witness the shootings in El Paso or the slaughter at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Owens is a puppet; pull the string and she’ll spit out a right-wing talking point.

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