Trump: If Biden Were a Republican, He’d Have Been Executed by Now

Trump: If Biden Were a Republican, He’d Have Been Executed by Now September 24, 2019

Trump once again showed that he is the undisputed world champion in making calm, understated claims when he told reporters at the White House during a press availability with the Polish president that if Joe Biden and his son Hunter were Republicans, they would have already been executed. Seriously.

“If a Republican ever did what Joe Biden did, if a Republican ever said what Joe Biden said, they’d be getting the electric chair by right now,” Trump claimed, after telling reporters “Joe Biden and his son are corrupt,” without any evidence.

“But the fake news doesn’t want to report it, because they’re Democrats,” Trump added.

There isn’t even the slightest evidence that they committed any crime at all, much less a capital crime with a punishment of execution. Is he accusing them of treason? For what, exactly? And when the was the last time a Republican was executed for anything at all? Wait, why am I asking logical questions about this? Trump doesn’t care about logic or facts. He’s just blurting out whatever crazy thing pops into his head, as usual. The video:

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