Trump Threatens to Arrest Schiff for Treason

Trump Threatens to Arrest Schiff for Treason October 1, 2019

Donald Trump has managed to do something that even Richard Nixon, as far as we know, never contemplated. In a Monday morning twitter tirade, he threatened to arrest the man leading his investigation and impeachment inquiry, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, for treason. As usual, he has no idea what that word means.

In Trumpworld, treason means doing or saying anything that displeases him. Just another of his dictatorial fantasies. His tweet prompted a response from none other than Randy Quaid, who has completely gone off the deep end.

When you’ve got Randy Quaid on your side, you know you’re in la la land. Even if nothing else is, this Trump tweet is an impeachable offense. He wants America to be a banana republic, with him as tinhorn dictator.

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