Bernstein Wants Democrats Tortured for Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Bernstein Wants Democrats Tortured for Trump Impeachment Inquiry October 2, 2019

Deranged right-wing thug wannabe Josh Bernstein is so upset by the Democrats opening an inquiry to impeach his hero Trump that he thinks they should be tortured in front of their families as punishment for their heinous crime of not ignoring Trump’s heinous crimes. It’s just the latest bit of sociopathy from Bernstein.

“These people are the lowest forms of life on earth,” Bernstein seethed. “They are lower than pond scum. They are the most disgusting, vile pieces of jackrabbit crap you could possibly imagine.”

“I would rip out their fingernails and their toenails one by one and then waterboard them in front of their families,” he bellowed. “That is what these pieces of crap deserve for what they are trying to do to this president.”

“They’re dirtbags, they’re scumbags, and they are the worst people on the planet earth,” Bernstein added. “I hope every single one of them pays for what they are doing. They are destroying the fabric of this country. We are turning into the divided states of America because of assclowns like these Democrats … This is a terrorist organization. The Democratic Party should be designated as a terrorist organization.”

The man is a serious psychopath and I hope law enforcement is keeping a close eye on him. He’s exactly the kind of guy who goes off and starts bombing things and killing people.

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