Trump Thinks He Should Know Who the Whistleblower Is

Trump Thinks He Should Know Who the Whistleblower Is October 2, 2019

Some Trump supporters are offering as much as $50,000 for the identity of the anonymous whistleblower and Trump himself told reporters that he should know who it is so he can confront his accuser. Given the man’s pettiness, vindictiveness and Mafia boss mentality, that would be a very dangerous thing.

President Trump said on Monday that the White House was “trying to find out” the identity of the whistle-blower whose claims led Democrats to begin an impeachment inquiry last week, even as the whistle-blower’s lawyers have outlined “serious” safety concerns for their client as Mr. Trump has repeatedly targeted him and compared him to a spy…

It was not immediately clear what steps the White House was taking to identify the whistle-blower, but the White House has known for weeks that a C.I.A. officer lodged concerns about Mr. Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. Still, Mr. Trump’s fixation on discovering and discussing the identity of the whistle-blower, whose anonymity is protected by law, was seen as a brazen move for a president under scrutiny for abuse of power.

“As the acting D.N.I. testified last week, the law and policy supports protection of the identity of the whistle-blower from disclosure and from retaliation,” Mark Zaid, the lawyer for the whistle-blower, said Monday, referring to the acting director of national intelligence, in response to Mr. Trump’s most recent comments. “No exceptions exist for any individual.”

Could anyone doubt for one second that if Trump could find out who it is, he would retaliate against them? Or that some of his followers would literally try to kill them? If so, they’re living in a fantasy world. We have laws that protect whistleblowers, weak as they are, for a reason, specifically to avoid having the government spread a climate of fear that intimidates people into not revealing illegal and unethical things being done in our name.

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