Lewandowski: Sanders, Warren Want Immigrants to Kill Americans

Lewandowski: Sanders, Warren Want Immigrants to Kill Americans October 4, 2019

The Trump sycophants — and there are few bigger than his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski — have been falsely claiming that undocumented immigrants come here to kill Americans, but Lewandowski claimed on Fox News that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren actually want them to do that.

COREY LEWANDOWSKI: Don’t forget, [Sens.] Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, they’re avowed socialists. They want to redistribute your wealth, anybody who has made something successful, they want to take it away from you.

They want to have illegal aliens come across this border and kill Americans, and they think that that’s what America stands for? I don’t agree at all.


Wow. That’s her response, as if he’d said something profound. But it’s nonsense. Study after study show that immigrants, including undocumented ones, commit violent crime at a far lower rate than non-immigrants do. But even if that isn’t true, to claim that they actually want Americans killed is absolutely outrageous, but we’ve gotten so used to such extreme and vile rhetoric that it isn’t even shocking anymore. And that’s tragic.

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