Ed Rollins Wants Whistleblower Arrested

Ed Rollins Wants Whistleblower Arrested October 11, 2019

Republican consultant Ed Rollins used to be a guy you could take at least a little bit seriously, but he’s now gone off into Trumpworld whole hog and made himself a joke. In an interview with Lou Dobbs, he said the whistleblower should be arrested and charged for…what, exactly? He doesn’t say.

ED ROLLINS: They’ve been looking for silver bullets since the day he got elected and now they’ve fired a BB off that wouldn’t have done anything. Just as I’ve said here – what is a CIA guy who has no ability to communicate in this country – his job is overseas, whatever his job is – it’s not to spy on the President of the United States or the White House or anything else. He’s the one who ought to be indicted and put in jail. And the bottom line of this whistleblower BS is just if he wants to testify, fine, let him go up and testify. The president can say I’m not going to fire him but I want to know who he is, I want to know what his evidence is.

Oh for crying out loud, he didn’t spy on anyone. He was told by several White House aides about the call, which was at the very least corrupt and quite possibly criminal. He followed the law to the letter, filing a complaint with the Director of National Intelligence, who also followed the law and referred it to the Inspector General. The IG then followed the law, did an investigation, interviewed some of those White House aides and concluded that the information was credible and of urgent concern. The only one who possibly broke the law here is Trump.

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