Jackson: Liberals Have No Morals, Will Murder You

Jackson: Liberals Have No Morals, Will Murder You October 14, 2019

Failed Virginia Republican candidate for Lt. Governor E.W. Jackson says that conservatives are at a disadvantage against liberals because liberals, being the immoral, horrible people we are, will murder them if we think we can get away it. And yes, Virginia is the same place where the Charlottesville white supremacist rally took place.

“We really are at a political disadvantage in dealing with the left,” Jackson added. “You know why? Because they have no morals and we answer to God. That puts us at a political disadvantage because it means that they will do anything and we will not. They will lie, steal, cheat, deceive, I dare say commit murder if they think they can get away with it.”

“When you come for a philosophy that teaches that there is no absolute morality, that there is no absolute good or evil, right or wrong, then the ends justify the means,” he concluded. “That’s exactly what Marx taught.”

Remind me again how many liberals killed conservatives at the Charlottesville rally? Oh yeah, none. And how many domestic terrorists last year were liberals rather than far-right extremists? Right, none again. Funny how those right wingers don’t seem to be bothered by thinking they have to answer to God. If anything, believing they answer to God leads to more violence, not less. The church not only was not held back from their anti-Jewish pogroms by such a belief; in fact, they believed that it’s what God wanted them to do.

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