Trump Continues to Lie About Military Running Out of Ammunition

Trump Continues to Lie About Military Running Out of Ammunition October 14, 2019

Trump lies on pretty much an hourly basis, but one of his most ridiculous lies is repeatedly claiming that when he took office, the military had totally run out of ammunition, but he fixed that. In fact, the military has long had far more ammunition than they could possibly need and it was Republicans trying to prohibit the purchase of any more.

Speaking to television cameras Monday at the White House, Trump asserted that the U.S. military was without ammunition in January 2017.

“When I took over our military, we did not have ammunition, I was told by a top general, maybe the top of them all. ‘Sir, I’m sorry sir, we don’t have ammunition.’ I said I will never let that happen to another president.”

Not only did the military have literally tons and tons and tons of ammunition, it has so much more than it could use that Congressional investigators recommended giving more away to state and local policing agencies.

That report was for the year 2016, Obama’s last in office, putting the lie to what Trump fantasized that he encountered in January 2017.

GAO has published a wall’s worth of audits since 1965 on procuring ammunition, prices paid for bullets, inventories, etc. There are at least 371 GAO reports on ammunition with the recurring theme that the armed services have more than they need.

In its latest iteration, Trump added more detail to the lie, saying that former Defense Secretary James Mattis is the one who told them they were out of ammunition. But in reality, two Republican congressman submitted a bill limiting the amount of ammunition the military could buy based on the ridiculous conspiracy theory that Obama was deliberately buying up the ammunition for the military so civilians wouldn’t have enough to ward off his Muslim Marxist tyranny. How ridiculous is that idea? So ridiculous that even the NRA put out a statement saying it was nonsense. When the NRA thinks you’re pro-gun conspiracy theory is dumb, holy crap.

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