Lively Explains Ukraine Situation: It’s All About The Gay.

Lively Explains Ukraine Situation: It’s All About The Gay. October 15, 2019

Scott Lively, the utterly deranged anti-gay bigot and crackpot conspiracy theorist, has an explanation for what is happening in Ukraine. And wouldn’t you know it? It all comes back to The Gay, the root of all evil in Lively’s dark, twisted world. He says Obama overthrew the Ukrainian government (he did?) because, of course, he’s gay.

Lively, who has said that seeing Russian implement harsh anti-LGBTQ laws is “one of the proudest achievements of my career,” claimed that several European nations were poised to enact similar laws in 2014, which prompted Obama to foment the revolution in Ukraine in order to force Russia to invade the Crimea, which could then be used to discredit Russia and its anti-LGTBQ policies.

“That’s when Obama pulled the pin on the reset and [sought] to restart the Cold War intentionally,” he said. “Intentionally running a coup to take out the pro-Russian president in Ukraine, knowing that the Russians had absolutely no choice but to annex the Crimea … It was all so Obama could then point the finger at Russia, blame them as the aggressors, and prevent Eastern Europe from moving back over to the Russian federation because they were all going to adopt the Russian ban on gay propaganda to kids.”

“I believe Obama is a homosexual activist,” Lively added. “He’s not just pro-gay, he’s gay himself and this was the most important issue to him.”

There is, of course, not a shred of evidence that the government of Ukraine was overthrown at all, by Obama or anyone else. The only country to intervene in Ukrainian sovereignty, in fact, has been Russia and Lively’s hero, Vladimir Putin. But hey, you work with what you have when you’re painting a ridiculous narrative.

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