Apparently God Killed Elijah Cummings

Apparently God Killed Elijah Cummings October 18, 2019

Elijah Cummings, a long-time Congressman from Maryland and a civil rights legend, died on Thursday and the Christian right crackpots wasted no time in saying that God struck him dead because he dared to challenged their lord and savior Donald Trump. We’ll start with Jesse Lee Peterson:

“He dead,” Peterson said. “That’s what happens when you mess with The Great White Hope. Don’t mess with God’s children.”

“Don’t mess with The Great White Hope,” he repeated. “You see what happens.”

“If you notice, John McCain, he dead. Charles Krauthammer, he dead. And Elijah Cumming, now he dead,” Peterson declared. “They all didn’t like The Great White Hope, they went against him, they talked about him, now they all dead. That’s amazin’.”

No, it’s just an inevitable part of life. The youngest of that group was 68, for crying out loud. And lots of people who love Trump have also died in the last three years. Was God rewarding them by bringing them to heaven?

And then there’s Chris McDonald:

McDonald and his guest, Maryland pastor Stacey Shiflett, spent the entire program attacking Cummings as corrupt, unbiblical, and ungodly, and asserting that God had taken his life because of his opposition to President Donald Trump.

“We know the Bible,” McDonald said. “You’ve got a leader that has been in office for over 30 years, that opened the door on unfettered abortion in this country. His civil rights icon status was a joke because he did nothing to bring rights to his people; all he did was divide, all he did was play the race card.”

McDonald said that Cummings was a corrupt and lawless leader who waged “a cooked, deceptive, demonic attempt” to take down Trump.

“Everything that he’s done has been nothing but trying to take this president out,” he said. “I believe that God had had enough, and God moved.”

Of course you believe that. Because you’re an idiot. Case closed.

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