DiGenova, Toensing Lie About Russian DNC Hacking

DiGenova, Toensing Lie About Russian DNC Hacking October 18, 2019

Husband and wife crackpots and Trump sycophants went on the Lou Dobbs show on Fox Business and flat out lied about the Democratic National Committee’s emails and the Russian hack of them. They claimed that the government had not evaluated whether the hack came from the Russians or from somewhere else.

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Where is the server from the DNC?

VICTORIA TOENSING: The DNC complained that the Russians hacked their servers, their computers. And so, they should have turned these servers over for analysis to the FBI. But no they didn’t, they turned it over to a Democratic oriented company called Crowdstrike who analyzed them and of all things, said, oh the Russians did it, the Russians did it, but it’s never — they have never been analyzed by the government. And what’s really bad Lou, is the FBI said okay. Oh, that’s alright.

DOBBS: Do we really believe that? Do we believe that? Because as the president said where is the server? He also mentioned Crowdstrike on the telephone call, right? And I am just curious about Crowdstrike, the DNC, how the FBI relented on such an important piece of forensic evidence. Aren’t you, Joe?

JOE DIGENOVA: Yes, and I think probably John Durham will give us those answers. I believe that the investigation the attorney general has authorized by John Durham into Crossfire Hurricane, which was the counter-intelligence operation against citizen Trump, candidate Trump, President-Elect Trump and President Trump was in fact all part of the same ball of wax, and I’m sure Durham will give us the answer as to why this was done.

But they didn’t need to see the server in order to determine where the hack came from. And every single American intelligence agency examined the matter and determined with a high degree of confidence that the hacking was carried out by a Russian military unit and ordered by Putin himself for the purpose of helping Trump get elected. The irony here is that if the opposite were true, if the FBI did examine the server and reach the same conclusion they and the other intelligence agencies made on the basis of other evidence, these two conspiracy nuts would be dismissing that as a “deep state” plot to steal the election from Trump anyway. Heads they win, tails you lose. That’s the thing about conspiracy nuts — absolutely any reality can be made part of their theories, including exact opposite realities.

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