Another White Supremacist Caught with Cache of Weapons

Another White Supremacist Caught with Cache of Weapons October 21, 2019

Police in the state of Washington have seized a cache of guns and ammunition from a neo-Nazi who is preparing for a race war. They didn’t arrest him, but they did seize his guns under a state “red flag” law that allows the government to confiscate weapons from those who show a high risk of using them to harm others.

Authorities removed five rifles, three pistols and other gun components from Kaleb James Cole, 24, under a state law that allows authorities to take guns from people deemed to be a risk to themselves or others for up to a year, authorities said. Cole has not been charged with any crime.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes believes the seizure, which court documents indicate happened Sept. 26, may have prevented a massacre.

“This is a hate-filled human being, but unfortunately one who possesses really alarming numbers of weapons,” Holmes said…

Cole is a self-admitted member of the “Atomwaffen Division” — which the Southern Poverty Law Center says is a terroristic national socialist organization that believes in using violence for “apocalyptic, racial cleansing” — and is thought to be the leader of the Washington state chapter, Seattle police said in its petition for the court order.

This needs to happen to anyone who can be found to belong to such groups anywhere in the country. 17 states have similar laws; we need it to be a federal law as well. We can’t just sit back and wait for these violent extremists to start shooting people before we respond. There are already far too many people killed by them.

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