Prager: ‘Normal’ Black People Would Accept a Racist President if the Economy is Good

Prager: ‘Normal’ Black People Would Accept a Racist President if the Economy is Good October 22, 2019

The vile Dennis Prager, who for some bizarre reason is considered a serious conservative intellectual, pointed out recently that black and Latino unemployment is at historic lows and argued that “normal” black people wouldn’t care if the president is racist if it means they’ve got a better chance of getting a job.

“Let me ask you a question, because [Trump is] always called a racist. I don’t believe he’s a racist, but let’s put that aside. Let’s assume he is. I don’t assume that, but let’s say he is. Let’s say he really dislikes non-whites, which I don’t believe for a nanosecond—say the third time—but let’s say it were true,” Prager said. “You are a black woman or a Hispanic woman, and you have been wanting a job for years. You finally have a job, thanks to the economic policies of the president of the United States, whom you think is a racist.”

Prager continued, “OK, so here’s my question to you, this theoretical black or Hispanic woman who is now employed: What is more important to you? A president whom you think loves Hispanics and blacks, but you’re unemployed? Or a president you think doesn’t like Hispanics and blacks, but you have a job? What would you prefer if you were given that choice? If you are normal, and I’m sorry to use that term, if you’re normal, you would far prefer to have the job and have a president who you think didn’t like you.”

It must be wonderful to be that insulated from reality. He says this as if a racist president can’t have a huge effect on a myriad of other policies and practices, as if it was just a matter of “he doesn’t like us” versus having a job. Also, he says this as if Trump had actually done something specifically to help make black and Latino unemployment go that low. That’s nonsense. Unemployment is very low for everyone because the economy is completing its recovery from the Great Recession. It’s a continuation of a trend that began under Obama, not the result of some Trump policy to help minorities find jobs.

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