Head of Public Lands is a Larouchie

Head of Public Lands is a Larouchie October 31, 2019

From the He Only Hires the Best People department, the Interior Department official in charge of managing public lands — 10% of all land in the United States — a man named William Perry Pendley, is a Lyndon Larouche crackpot who traffics in the most ridiculous of conspiracy theories.

William Perry Pendley, a top Trump administration official in charge of managing one-tenth of all land in the United States, is a past contributor to 21st Century Science & Technology, a fringe magazine of the late cult leader, convicted fraudster and paranoid conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche.

Documents also indicate that Pendley attended a conference in 1994 where two of LaRouche’s associates called on anti-environmental groups to help kill Senate support for an international biodiversity treaty.

Pendley wrote two pieces for 21st Century Science & Technology in the early 1990s when he was president of the right-wing nonprofit Mountain States Legal Foundation. The magazine was part of a network of LaRouche publications and chock full of pseudoscience, climate change denial and wild conspiracy theories. Its website, which is still live, features sections on “Global Warming Fraud” and calls for bringing back DDT, a banned toxic insecticide. LaRouche embraced a frenzy of conspiracy theories, contending that Queen Elizabeth is an international drug trafficker, that AIDS is spread by mosquitos, that former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was a Soviet agent, and that the rock band The Beatles was “a product shaped according to British Psychological Warfare Division specifications.”

Yes folks, he only hires the best crackpots and conspiracy nuts. And again, we have someone in charge of an agency who doesn’t think that agency should exist or do anything if it does.

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