Joyner Lies About Constitution and the Bible

Joyner Lies About Constitution and the Bible October 31, 2019

Christian right con man has adopted not only David Barton’s pseudo-history, but also his penchant for dishonesty. He lies and claims that the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights is based directly on the Bible, and more specifically that the Federalist Papers directly say that the Bible is the source of those ideas.

“Believe it or not, everything in our Constitution and Bill of Rights is linked to a scripture or scriptures,” Joyner said. “All of it.”

Joyner then falsely claimed that the Founding Fathers even “wrote about how it was linked” in the Federalist Papers.

“They connect everything to scripture,” he said.

Joyner then went on to declare that Barton is “one of the greatest historians alive today” and claim that Barton has “more original sources in his personal collection, I believe, than the Smithsonian does.”

I would challenge him to produce anything from the Federalist Papers that identifies the Bible as the source of the ideas in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but he’d probably just accuse me of being a Satanist or something. The founders were quite explicit about the sources of their conception of government and it comes from Greek, Roman and Enlightenment thinkers like Cicero, Macchiaveli, Locke, Sidney, Voltaire, John Stuart Mill and others. The Bible is quite absent from the list.

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