GOP Former House Intel Chairman Blasts Republican Calls to Unmask Whistleblower

GOP Former House Intel Chairman Blasts Republican Calls to Unmask Whistleblower November 8, 2019

When former FBI agent Mike Rogers was a Congressman from Michigan, he was chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, a post currently held by Adam Schiff. He was also known to be highly partisan. But now that he’s out of office, he’s showing an independent streak and is hammering Republicans trying to unmask the identity of the Ukraine whistleblower.

“It is outrageous for these — any member of the Senate or the House to talk about unmasking a whistleblower,” he said. “I think it’s absolutely outrageous.”

Rogers did say that he thought that Republicans should be able to hear the whistleblower testify in some form, but he also said that there is no way their identity should be made public.

“It’s against the law to disclose the identity of that whistleblower,” he said. “And having somebody out in public, at a rally, talk about unmasking the whistleblower for political purposes, I think is absolutely — I think this town has absolutely lost its mind.”

That’s what partisanship will do to you. When you’re concerned first and foremost to preserving your party’s political advantage and not by the good of the country, you will often violate any ethical norm required to do that. Republicans today have turned that into an art form over the last few decades, especially since Trump took office. They’ll overlook any behavior, no matter how repulsive, as long as they think it helps them politically. They don’t care that the whistleblower’s attorneys have received death threats that will inevitably be transferred to the whistleblower and their family if their identity is revealed.

How many times do Trump supporters have to actually commit violence in his name before they wake up and realize that their actions have consequences? There is no limit, that is clear. Anything is fair game. And if their identity is made known and they are injured or killed, they’ll all express their fake sympathies and say “Hey, can’t account for crazy people. This had nothing to do with us.” The hell it doesn’t. They knew exactly what they were doing. They wanted it to happen because it will discourage others from speaking out about Trump’s actions behind closed doors that put our national security at risk. And it will help them politically, which is clearly the only thing that matters to them.

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