Jackson: Soros Should Be Arrested for Treason

Jackson: Soros Should Be Arrested for Treason November 11, 2019

The right just loves to accuse those they disagree with of committing treason, especially George Soros. They never have any specific accusation that would possibly result in actual charges, of course, but that’s never stopped them. E.W. Jackson demonstrates the art form where Soros is concerned.

“I could not agree with you more,” Jackson told the caller. “It is certainly in the spirit of treason. And, you know, this is an interesting question that you’re raising because I’ve often thought, ‘Why is he not being investigated?’ Well, you have to have probable cause, you have to have some suspicion that the man is committing or has committed some kind of crime. Somehow, he needs to be looked at because I just believe this man is trying to do horrible, horrible deeds against this country and he’s using his mass wealth to do so.”

Jackson then raised the possibility of filing a class action lawsuit against Soros for “subverting the sovereign will of the American people, subverting our votes, invalidating our votes, violating our right to vote by trying to subvert the process and turn it on its head.”

“When folks like George Soros set out to subvert the will of the American people, there may be something there on the civil side,” he added. “I’m looking for an enterprising prosecutor, or an investigative reporter, or a lawyer, or an organization of some kind to really take a hard look at the stuff that he’s up to because … if anybody is some kind of subversive asset in this country, it is George Soros. He is bad news for this nation.”

Invalidating our votes? That’s an allegation far more credibly aimed at people like Kris Kobach, whose efforts have systematically disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of people, probably millions. Advocating policies Jackson doesn’t like does not treason make, not by a long shot.

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