Sondland Gives Trump $1 Million, Still a Democratic Mole

Sondland Gives Trump $1 Million, Still a Democratic Mole November 11, 2019

Leave it to Trump supporters to make the most ludicrous defense of him rather than engage the substance of a claim. U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland got his post by donating $1 million to his campaign, but Lindsey Graham says he still may be a Democratic stooge setting him up.

Volodymyr Zelensky presidential inauguration‎, 20th May 2019; credit to Ukrainian government.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) thinks that Sondland may be in cahoots with Democrats.

Graham was interviewed by Fox News personality Martha MacCallum, who played a clip of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who chairs the House Intelligence Committee…

“Bill Taylor, what does he base his belief that there was a quid pro quo on? What is the factual basis?” Graham asked. “A conversation with [Ambassador Gordon] Sondland. Why did Sondland change his testimony? Was there a connection between Sondland and Democratic operatives on the committee? Did he talk to Schiff? Did he talk to staffers?”

Why did he change his testimony? Because too many other witnesses had pointed out that his attempt to walk a tightrope by coming clean while pretending that he played little role in communicating the quid pro quo to the Ukrainians put him in potential perjury trouble. It’s that simple. He was continuing to play a game of CYA out of self-preservation.

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