Trump Spiritual Adviser in Vivid Technicolor

Trump Spiritual Adviser in Vivid Technicolor November 12, 2019

Tom Snyder used to begin his shows with “sit back, relax and watch the colored pictures fly through the air.” Here’s a video of Paula White’s greatest hits as she claims that wherever she stands is holy ground and if you’ll just send her gobs of cash, God will give it back to you multiplied many times over.

I’ve often noted the similarities between this absurd idea of the “prosperity gospel” and the secular version taught at Trump’s fraudulent “university” (send me money and you’ll get rich like me!). It’s why Trump has an affinity for what most Christians consider to be a heresy — he knows this con game well. And did you know that White is married — for the third time — to Jonathan Cain, the keyboard player from Journey? Don’t stop believing, or sending her money by the wheelbarrow full.

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