Baghdad Kellyanne’s Disingenuous Answer on Trump’s Call for Biden Investigation

Baghdad Kellyanne’s Disingenuous Answer on Trump’s Call for Biden Investigation November 15, 2019

Baghdad Kellyanne Conway has turned disingenuousness into an art form, not to mention a career as a professional Trump sycophant and that became obvious once again when she was asked by Wolf Blitzer asked her about Trump’s call for a new Ukrainian investigation into Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Watch where she tries to draw this line:

During a contentious interview, Blitzer rolled a video of Trump from last month in which he came right out and said that Ukraine should launch an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden, who is one of the president’s top prospective rivals in the 2020 election.

“If they were honest about it, they would start a major investigation into the Bidens,” Trump told reporters when asked what he wanted to see from Ukraine. “It’s a very simple answer — they should investigate the Bidens!”

After this, Blitzer turned to Conway and asked, “Is it appropriate for a president of the United States to ask a foreign leader to investigate an American political nemesis, potential rival, in a campaign?”

“That is not what the president was asking!” Conway insisted, even though the video literally showed Trump asking a foreign leader to investigate his prospective 2020 rival. “He was asking to investigate what the Bidens were doing in 2016, or even before that! He never mentioned 2020!”

Yeah, he didn’t want the Bidens investigated because it might help him against the guy he thought was his biggest threat in 2020! He never mentioned 2020, he just wanted the investigation into what they did in 2016! There was no strategy to it, no goal, just a totally random and pointless look at the past. The fact that his campaign at the time thought Biden was his biggest 2020 rival is purely coincidental and irrelevant. And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge over the Bowling Green massacre to sell you.

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