Grisham: Doubting Her Word is ‘Dangerous for the Country’

Grisham: Doubting Her Word is ‘Dangerous for the Country’ November 18, 2019

Trump made an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed Hospital to see a doctor and the White House is trying the “please disperse, nothing to see here” tactic to explain it. Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed on Twitter that doubting her claims about it is “wholly irresponsible” and “dangerous for the country.”

She doesn’t bother to even attempt to make an argument for why this is dangerous for the country, she just expects us to believe her conclusion without evidence or argument. I would argue that blindly believing a press secretary, especially in this White House, is what presents a danger to the country. We should not just blindly accept anything the government says and there are good reasons to doubt her on this. If it was just a routine checkup, why wasn’t it on the schedule? And since when do presidents do their annual physical in stages? No one can remember that ever being the case before.

One anti-Trump conservative speculates that the surprise visit is setting the stage for him to resign from office for health reasons as a way to avoid impeachment.

I doubt that’s true, but I certainly hope it is. That would be a welcome Christmas present to the country, and the entire world for that matter.

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