Trump Tells ‘Pants on Fire’ Lie About Yovanovitch

Trump Tells ‘Pants on Fire’ Lie About Yovanovitch November 19, 2019

Fired Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified for the House impeachment inquiry last week and Trump predictably tweeted out totally dishonest attacks on her, claiming that every country she was posted in as a diplomat was screwed up by her, including Somalia and Ukraine. PolitiFact rates that a “pants on fire” lie.

“Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad,” Trump tweeted during the Nov. 15 hearing. “She started off in Somalia, how did that go?”…Experts on foreign policy told us it was ridiculous to think that one person could turn a country “bad,” and even if that weren’t the case, Yovanovitch was well-regarded.

We asked the White House to provide evidence that “everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad,” and we did not get a response…

In 1988, the U.S. government froze aid to Somalia in response to reports about human rights abuses and the government attacking its own people, Menkhaus said. Other countries also withdrew aid. The Somali government lost the ability to pay its soldiers, the soldiers defected and a civil war swept the country.

The U.S. government cut off aid to Somalia, a country whose strategic importance was dwindling as the Cold War ended.

“None of that had anything to do with the U.S. foreign service in Mogadishu or Washington,” Menkaus said. “The idea that any single U.S. government official could be blamed for the early period of civil war which was when she there is ludicrous.”

This is standard illogical post hoc reasoning — she was there in the late 80s, things went bad after that, she must be to blame for it. But this was her first assignment overseas and she wasn’t even the ambassador, for crying out loud. She was just a regular embassy employee. There is no evidence that she did anything at all that might have caused problems in Somalia. Just another irrational and dishonest attack. It’s all he has to offer.

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