Trump’s Shameless Attack on Vindman

Trump’s Shameless Attack on Vindman November 20, 2019

Lt. Col Alexander Vindman, the NSC’s top expert on Ukraine, testified during the public impeachment inquiry on Tuesday and Trump supporters were absolutely desperate to attack his credibility. That includes Donald Trump, Jr., who retweeted an article from The Federalist questioning Vindman’s military record.

Remember, this is the same classless, clueless liar who said a visit to Arlington National Cemetery reminded him of the terrible monetary sacrifices his family made to make Dear Papa president. And who didn’t have the courage to stick around when he was heckled by far-right protesters at UCLA last week. And now he’s attacking a Purple Heart winner whose family fled the Soviet Union and whose entire adult life was spent serving in the military.

Nicole Wallace, a recovering Republican who was Bush 41’s communications director, said she is “constantly shocked by the bottomlessness” of Republican attacks on anyone who dares to challenge Trump. She’s hit on a fundamental truth of today’s political system — there simply is no bottom for Republicans. No matter how dishonest, contradictory or morally bankrupt they have to be, they’ll do it gleefully for partisan advantage.

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