McDonald: Brennan Criticizing Trump is Treason

McDonald: Brennan Criticizing Trump is Treason November 21, 2019

One thing that Trump’s sycophants continually do is conflate him and the country itself, so any attack on him is automatically an attack om America. Any criticism of Trump is therefore criticizing the country, and then magically all criticism of the country is turned into treason. Wrong on both counts.

Far-right conspiracy nut Chris McDonald was quite upset that former CIA Director John Brennan slammed Trump for his vile attacks on the patriotism of former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovich and says this is treason and that Brennan should “hang from a noose” for it.

McDonald responds:

“I have had so many officials, so many security officials—high-ranking security officials—tell me this man committed treason, and I’m telling you tonight, he tweeted out his own downfall, not Trump’s,” McDonald said during the Friday night broadcast of his “The MC Files” program.

“He is a modern-day communist, he is a modern-day America-hating, America-betraying, former CIA agent that committed nothing but treason against this country,” McDonald added. “He lied under oath and he’s going to hang from a noose.”

“If there is any justice in this country, he is going to hang from a noose,” McDonald said. “He’s going to be one of the big players, one of the big names that is going to be removed very soon from the landscape of this country. I don’t say that lightly, but take that to the bank. What he did today was prophesy his own doom.”

He has no idea what patriotism means. He has no idea what treason means. And he obviously doesn’t care. This is cult behavior, defend the cult leader by any means necessary and declare anyone who dares to criticize them as worthy of death.

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