Shoebats: Steven Miller is a White Supremacist Because He’s Jewish

Shoebats: Steven Miller is a White Supremacist Because He’s Jewish November 22, 2019

When father and son fascist team Walid and Theodore Shoebat write a column together, you know it’s going to be a festival of hypocrisy and bigotry. In their latest joint column, they claim that White House adviser Stephen Miller is a white supremacist because he’s Jewish and they enabled the rise of Hitler, who tried to wipe them off the planet.

We have been emphasizing on how immigration hysteria is being capitalized upon as a catalyst by government ranks to foment nationalism. We have been called conspiracy theorists for this, but our claims are not unfounded in reality. Leaked emails have revealed what we were thinking and saying about Trump’s senior advisor, Stephen Miller this whole time: he’s a racist. In these emails Miller was referencing openly racist and eugenist websites to back his views against immigration. Miller pointed to websites such as AmRen (American Renaissance) and VDARE. AmRen openly promotes eugenics since on their website it reads: “Eugenics is the obvious solution, but it is notoriously difficult to accomplish.”…

Miller, a Jew, supports a policy that was used to send fleeing Jews back to the death camps (read about the SS St. Louis). And this is the issue at hand: the dark reality that there are Jews like Miller who love callous and cruel immigration policies while ignoring or writing off the truth of how such policy was used against their own people. It is noticeable that people who were once heavily discriminated against will, once they have established themselves as good citizens, become the discriminators against later newly arrived immigrants.

Miller is a Jew who loves tyranny. But he is not an anomaly in the history of western Jewry. Numerous major Jewish thinkers supported the creation of the German Empire, an empire that would eventually commit the greatest attempt at exterminating Jews in history.

But what exactly is the difference between the Shoebats and Hitler? They hate Jews as much as he did. And they routinely call for massive genocide against all non-Christians and especially against gay people. For instance:

“In a biblical society,” Shoebat stated, “every fag would be rounded up and killed. But that’s not going to happen, but believe me, when Jesus comes back, Jesus is going to kill all these sodomites. You’re going to be praying to be living under a Catholic society from the Middle Ages because when Jesus comes back, it’s going to be a lot more brutal.”

“He’s going to find all you bastards and he’s going to slaughter every single one of you,” said Shoebat with a smile on his face. “I can’t wait for that day to come. It’s going to be a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful world.”…

You want homosexuality in your society? This is what you are going to get. Follow the Scriptures, governments! Outlaw and annihilate these sodomites before they outlaw you.

They also demand the murder of “pagans” and liberals and virtually everyone else they disagree with. They hate all the same people Hitler hates and want them all dead just like he did.

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