McDonald Again Claims Tom Hanks Is a Pedophile

McDonald Again Claims Tom Hanks Is a Pedophile November 23, 2019

Despite claiming a couple months ago that accusing someone of pedophilia without evidence is slander and he doesn’t do that, far-right crackpot Chris McDonald, for at least the third time, claimed that Tom Hanks is exactly that without even a hint of a whiff of evidence. He was joined by firefighter turned “prophet” con man Mark Taylor.

“One of the biggest pedophiles in Hollywood, his movie is coming out Thursday,” McDonald said. “You got Tom Hanks literally playing Mr. Rogers. I saw the preview this morning, and I have to tell you, it made me ill. Just seeing the preview made me ill.”

“It is a slap in the face to this nation that you have them portray Fred Rogers with Tom Hanks,” he added. “That is their shot across the bow to let us know that they don’t think this pedophilia stuff is serious, they don’t think it’s that big a deal.”

McDonald’s guest, so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, agreed.

“They’re mocking us,” Taylor said. “It’s a disgrace as far as I’m concerned.”

Now let’s hit the Wayback Machine to early September, when it was Mike Pence being the subject of the same accusation. McDonald howled in righteous outrage that anyone would say such a thing:

“You can believe what you want to believe about Vice President Mike Pence,” McDonald said, “but I would prefer your comments not to come into this chatroom accusing things that you have no knowledge of. It’s slander and it’s not right and we’re not going to tolerate it here on The MC Files.”

“I don’t think that it is fair to his family and it is not fair to him,” McDonald added. “If this was you in his place and somebody had an ax to grind with you … and they get out there and they put your name in a tweet and say, ‘You’re a pedophile,’ let me tell you something, you wouldn’t like that. None of us would like that. With no proof, nothing, just say it just to say it. You wouldn’t like that. So just understand that tonight that we’re not going to do that on this show. We don’t do that stuff here.”

“We are going to protect the integrity of the show and not become slanderers and people that trash other people without proof,” he said. “You don’t take a matter that you don’t have any proof of and you repeat it and it becomes gossip and it becomes innuendo and it becomes slander. And let me tell you something: You don’t want to get on the wrong side of that because it’s the devil’s tool, that is the devil’s workshop, and people are destroyed by it. And we are not going to do it.”

“We as believers and we as people of faith cannot do the devil’s bidding with our tongues,” McDonald declared. “We are not going to become slanderers. We are not going to slander people.”

Except, of course, he does so on a virtual daily basis. The list of people he’s declared to be pedophiles is long and growing all the time, never with any evidence. But those are liberals, so it’s not like their real people or anything, so it’s totally okay.

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