Bakker: Trump Loss in 2020 Would Speed Up Christ’s Return

Bakker: Trump Loss in 2020 Would Speed Up Christ’s Return November 27, 2019

TV evangelist con artist (but I repeat myself) Jim Bakker and guest L.A. Marzulli agree that if Trump fails to win reelection in 2020, it will speed up the timetable for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Seems to me that if you’re a Christian, you would want him to come back sooner rather than later.

I’ve always thought Christians who believed in this ridiculous eschatology were confused about it. The second coming of Christ should be a good thing, but they are continually warning that this thing or that thing will cause it to happen sooner. That should be a promise, not a warning. Besides, the sooner he comes back the sooner they can stop eating that disgusting Day-Glo mac and cheese survival food.

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