Coach Dave: Pelosi, Schiff May Be Demons in Human Form

Coach Dave: Pelosi, Schiff May Be Demons in Human Form November 27, 2019

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire said on his show that he believes Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are either possessed by demons or are demons themselves who have taken human form. And he adds in a bit of irony capable of destroying every irony meter that exists in the known universe.

“In my opinion, Adam Schiff is a demon,” Daubenmire said. “Demon-possessed or a non-human, I don’t know which one.”

“Nancy Pelosi, she’s either demon-possessed, in my opinion, or a non-human,” he continued. “The average 83-year-old woman is not in Washington, D.C., trying to control the world; she’s home, sitting around baking cookies with her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren.”

“How can Adam Schiff so easily lie?” Daubenmire asked. “Well, there’s your answer. He’s either demon-possessed or he is not a real human being.”

“There are non-humans walking the earth,” he added. “Some of them probably in positions of high authority in America.”

A Trump supporter accusing someone else of easily lying? Wow. Words fail.

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