Gingrich: Just Ignore War Crimes by American Soldiers

Gingrich: Just Ignore War Crimes by American Soldiers November 30, 2019

As the controversy over Trump’s repeated intervention to make sure no American soldier is ever held accountable for their war crimes continues to grow, conservative grifter Newt Gingrich told Fox News that we should just ignore such crimes because they devote their lives to defend the country.

NEWT GINGRICH (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Here’s a guy who dedicated his entire life to defending his country, who represented one of the most elite units we have. Let’s say he made a mistake. The question the president is saying is, is that a big enough mistake to take away his symbol — the trident — of being a SEAL, and in effect have him retire in dishonor — which it would have been among his colleagues. Or, can we overlook this one thing, because this guy gave us years of very hard service in very dangerous places? The president comes down in favor of — you know, the president wanted favors the morale of the warfighter over the morale of the bureaucrat. It’s a very straightforward question.

Talk about dishonestly framing the issue. Yes, it just comes down to choosing the morale of bureaucrats over the morale of soldiers. That’s why our military leaders oppose Trump on this issue and want to uphold good order, discipline and the rule of law. Because they’re just a bunch of bureaucrats. Pardon me while I hunt for my eyes, which just rolled so hard they bowled a strike. Yes, it’s a straightforward question. Its also totally irrelevant.

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