Romney/McDaniels Makes Nonsensical Argument Against Impeachment

Romney/McDaniels Makes Nonsensical Argument Against Impeachment December 8, 2019

Chairwoman of the Republican Party Ronna Romney McDaniel, niece of Mitt Romney, is in an odd position of having to defend Donald Trump while Mitt is a staunch critic of Trumo. Maybe that’s why she makes such terrible arguments to defend Trump against impeachment proceedings.:

Credit to Nick Youngson

Impeachment negates the vote, of course, but that’s something the founders knew and it’s still in the constitution. Her argument applies to all impeachments. Was she saying the same thing when Republicans Bill Clinton? Of course not. This is a ridiculous argument and can’t be taken seriously. So is her other argument here.

In what way has Trump been denied due process? The Republicans on the impeachment committee can question every witness. They can call their own witnesses. Trump was invited to have his own attorneys involved in the questioning and they have refused the invitation. So I ask again: in what way has he been denied due process? He hasn’t. Another absurd argument. It’s all they have to offer.

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