OMG! The Gay is Destroying Star Wars!

OMG! The Gay is Destroying Star Wars! December 11, 2019

Sebastian Gorka is a man who is clearly very insecure about his sexual and racial identity.The mere existence of LGBTQ people or black people in his favorite movies he sees as a threat to destroy them, and him personally I imagine. How else to explain this hysterical overreaction to LGBTQ characters on Star Wars and a black 007?

SEBASTIAN GORKA (HOST): James Bond is now a woman, and she’s black. Are you ready for it? 007 has gone intersectional.

And they’re going to destroy Star Wars as well, we have the statement from J.J. Abrams that Star Wars is going to go LGBTQ. Well, you know, if you couldn’t destroy the franchise already, let’s destroy it a little bit more.

The last installment of the Star Wars saga would include a member from the trans — is it trans? Let’s just say the alphabet soup community.

James Bond. Have you seen the trailer? Watch the trailer, and then ask yourself if you disagree with this statement. I sent the trailer, the link to the trailer to my best buddy in the UK, who is a massive James Bond expert. This is the view of a man who knows his James Bond.

“This trailer looks entirely generic. The villain of the piece is actually the Phantom of the Opera.” And that’s not a joke. He’s wearing a half-mask, just like the musical villain.

And then a black, female 007 — give me a break. When will Hollywood stop pandering to the SJW crowd? That’s the question.

Today, I think we have the evidence, the final evidence, from impeachment to Hollywood, of how stupid the left has become.

That poor, poor insecure man. There’s a threat under every bed and around every corner. The world must be such a scary place for him, with people of color and different sexual preferences and identities walking around like actual human beings with equal rights. Good lord, can you imagine! It’s a world gone mad!

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