Wiles Is Stockpiling Ammunition for Coming Civil War

Wiles Is Stockpiling Ammunition for Coming Civil War December 11, 2019

Violent anti-Semitic broadcaster Rick Wiles says he and millions of others are stockpiling ammunition to prepare for the inevitably coming civil war that is being made necessary by the Democrats and “Trump haters.” This is potentially dangerous situation, if in fact he’s correct.

Wiles, who recently warned that “there is going to be violence in America” if Trump is removed from office, said that Pelosi’s announcement has forced millions of Americans to start preparing for the possibility of civil war.

“Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Eliot Engel, Brad Sherman, and Charles Schumer are compelling calm, law-abiding, middle-class American citizens to prepare for the unthinkable: a violent civil war in America fought between the pagan left and the religious right,” Wiles said. “Their actions are compelling me and others to immediately get ready to defend our families, our personal lives, and our properties if violence erupts in America over the impeachment and ouster of President Trump.”

“The Democrats are forcing me to stockpile ammunition, food, water, and medical supplies to defend my family, home, and church,” he added. “This is a bad dream that won’t end, and it’s brought to you by the Trump haters.”

“I strongly encourage you to take immediate action to prepare your home and family for the worst,” Wiles advised his audience. “Don’t foolishly dismiss my warning that a revolution could erupt, or widespread civil disruptions, even civil war.”

I really hope the FBI is keeping a close eye on this guy. He is exactly the kind of person who goes off the deep and starts shooting people, and he’s already told us that he’s building an arsenal to carry that out.

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