Huckabee Says Trump Eligible for Third Term

Huckabee Says Trump Eligible for Third Term December 14, 2019

Trump bootlicker Mike Huckabee tweeted out that Trump is eligible to serve a third presidential term, 22nd Amendment be damned. He said he’d be on Sean Hannity’s show to explain why. Many assumed he was joking, but he told Hannity he was not joking, that because the Democrats tried to steal his first term from him, he gets a third term.

He was widely mocked for this incredibly stupid argument. when he went on Hannity, he assured him he was serious but they still laughed about how the libs were triggered by it:

Hannity asked Huckabee to clarify that the tweet was in jest, but, laughing, Huckabee said, “No, it’s not a joke.”

“I think it’s hilarious,” Huckabee added. “I had a lot of fun watching people on the left’s heads explode … I’ve had a fun day.”…

“They’ve got to learn to have a sense of humor,” Hannity said, after accusing liberals of being “triggered” by the post.

Uh, no. We aren’t “triggered,” we’re laughing at you and how ignorant and constitutionally incoherent your argument is.

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