Uh Oh. Billions of Warrior Angels are Coming to Arrest Us

Uh Oh. Billions of Warrior Angels are Coming to Arrest Us December 15, 2019

Weapons-grade whackadoddle Sheila Zilinsky prayed and called out billions of warrior angels to enforce spiritual arrest warrants against anyone and everyone who opposes Donald Trump, especially those pushing for his impeachment. We are now powerless as she bound us in the name of Jesus.

“We take authority over the powers, wicked spirits, thrones, mights, dominions, rulers in the high places, in the air, on the land, in the water—marine spirits—and even underground,” Zilinsky declared. “We bind, cage, chain, and command every devil that is operating against Donald J. Trump. We lift up Donald Trump and his family tonight. And Satan, we bind you, rebuke you, and render your demons and workers of iniquity powerless against Donald Trump.”

“We cut off and bring to naught the power of the spirit of the witch, wizard, warlock, witch doctors, divinators, magi, all these high priestesses and high priests and sorcerers that are sending attacks and assignments against him,” she continued. “We cut all off the supply lines, the seals, cords, altars, ligatures, lay lines, pathways, gates, these portals. We sever the silver cords of all these human spirits that are astral projecting. In the name of Jesus, we cut off every ritual, custom, ceremony, hex, vex, spell, incantation, chant, evil spoken word, all the voodoo and hoodoo, hulu, julu, Santeria, Palo Mayombe.”

“Lord, right now we loose civil war into the enemy’s camp,” Zilinsky proclaimed. “Father, we ask you to send billions, if possible, mighty warrior angels to make war on all these entities that are trying to destroy our president through these workers of iniquity. Even as Paul declared blindness upon the agents of darkness in the Book of Acts, we too declare it. All these evil doers that are taking part in evil plots against Donald Trump, we decree and declare that they will grope about as one in the dark does so their plans will not be carried out, including impeachment.”

“Right now, we declare massive arrests warrants,” she concluded. “Angels, go! Deliver these massive arrests warrants right now. Lord, we thank you that you are the God that has fixed his throne upon righteousness and justice, which are the foundation of your name. And we decree and declare, right now, in agreement that no evil will befall this president.”

So if you’re out there astral projecting, you better cut it out right now. I wonder if she’s borrowing those billions of “special ops angels” that Kat Kerr commands. Or are there trillions of warrior angels out there? Do they have ranks? Are there Lt. Colonel angels? Do they get purple hearts and bronze stars? Inquiring minds want to know.

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