Prager’s Inane Rant about Christmas on Fox and Friends

Prager’s Inane Rant about Christmas on Fox and Friends December 17, 2019

Right-wing looney tune Dennis Prager went on Fox and Friends and delivered an inane rant about the non-existent war on Christmas. It was the standard nonsense about how saying happy holidays is somehow a threat to the republic. And he starts out with a whopper of a lie about the Bill of Rights.

“This country — and I’m saying this as a religious Jew, I want to make that clear — this country is founded on Judeo-Christian principles. God is the source of our rights — that is in the Declaration of Independence!”

He must be reading the King James Version of the Bill of Rights. Here’s the real document. There is no mention of God or Judeo-Christian principles. He’s just lying.

“I am deeply worried about the radical secularization of America!” he thundered. “And the obvious arena — the most obvious, perhaps — is changing ‘Christmas’ into ‘holiday.’ Kids no longer have Christmas vacation — holiday vacation! Companies no longer have Christmas parties — holiday parties! And, of course, it’s ‘Happy Holidays,’ not ‘Merry Christmas!’”

OMG! Not Happy Holidays! We’re all doomed! Happy Holidays will be the death of us all.

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