House Votes to Impeach Trump

House Votes to Impeach Trump December 19, 2019

As expected, the House voted to impeach Trump on both the articles of impeachment sent to the floor by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The vote was mostly along party lines, 230-197 on the abuse of power charge and 229-188 on the obstruction of Congress charge. It will now move to the Senate, which will hold some form of trial and vote on whether to remove him from office.

There is much to be determined on how the trial will go. Mitch McConnell first indicated that he wants a barebones trial with no witnesses, just arguments and a vote. But then he said that he would largely follow the instructions from the White House. But Trump wants a big show trial, an impeachapalooze spectacle, with tons of witnesses. The Democrats want something in between, but definitely with witnesses. So we’ll see what form the trial actually takes.

The chances the Senate votes to remove him from office are very slim. 20 Republicans have to vote with every Democrat for removal and it’s hard to conceive of that happening. My fear is that this actually ends up making Trump stronger because he’ll claim the acquittal is total vindication that he didn’t do anything wrong. You can’t just wound a mob boss, you have to take him out completely of he ends up stronger than ever. I fear that’s a very likely outcome.

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